Lucky Renr a Car

Lucky Rent a Car - Our story

We at Lucky Rent a Car started our business by offering car rental in Sofia. And because our business has grown faster than we expected, we now offer car rental in Bulgaria – Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna and Burgas. In fact, we will deliver your car rental throughout the country, even if we do not have a representative in your city. All you have to do is send us an inquiry to get your lucky offer for car rental.

How we will gain your trust

Lucky Rent a Car is a young company on the car rental market in Bulgaria.

However, we are convinced that we know your needs and desires that you want to satisfy when renting a car.

This belief is due to the fact that our team is composed only of professionals with many years of experience in the field of customer service for car rental and fleet maintenance. And not only that, we continue to do so and we are constantly evolving.

This gives us the confidence that we know exactly what service you are looking for and we are sure that what we offer meets 100% of your high requirements.

Why we are different

Our concern is your tranquility.

We will not disturb you while you use a car rental from us. In case you need assistance, we are always close to you.

In case you have a desire that is beyond the use of a rental car, share it with us. We are sure that we will surprise you with our capabilities.

You need friendly advice, we are at your disposal!

Remember, mutual trust is the key to true friendship.

We believe in you! Trust us too!

The clear conditions of Lucky rent a car

We are ready to discuss with you everything that interests you

A variety of brands and classes of cars

Cars for rent of all classes. Take a look at the models offered

Professional attitude

We offer car rental because we are professionals in this.

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