General Terms and Conditions to the rental agreement

  1. The lessee should present regular identity document, a valid driving license of at least 3 years and be 21 years old. For rental cars class “Luxury” and “Business” – 25 years old and 5 years driving experience. The lessee under 21 and / or 3 year driving experience pay an additional “Young driver fee” according to the current tariff .
  2. The minimum term for renting a car is 24 hours. The car is handed over by the Lessor with mandatory equipment required by the traffic police. The renter accepts the car in good condition and undertakes to return it in the same condition, along with all documents, accessories and equipment. In case of loss and / or damage of a document, registration plates, car keys, an additional fee is paid in the amount of the deductible, according to the current tariff.
  3. If the Lessee wishes to use the rented car after the expiration of the agreed term, he undertakes to notify the Lessor no later than 24 hours before the expiration of the contract. In this case, the Lessee can continue to use the car after signing a new contract and paying the rental price. The method of payment for the period of delay is agreed with the Lessor.
  4. If the Lessee does not return the car after the expiration of the contract, and has not agreed with the Lessor change, the following fees are charged: up to 4 hours – daily rent, from 4 to 24 hours. – daily rent in triple amount. After 24 hours the car is considered obsessed and the Lessor notifies the relevant authorities, reserving all rights under this contract.
  5. The car can be driven only by the Lessee, who is registered in the lease agreement. Otherwise all insurances are invalid and the Lessee bears full material responsibility for the car.
  6. The lessee is not allowed to drive the car after drinking alcohol and other intoxicants, to transport passengers and goods for a fee, to transport prohibited goods, for racing activities, to tow another car, for educational purposes, off-road from the national road network of the respective country.
  7. The rental price of the car includes Third Party Liability insurance, limitation of liability for damages to the amount of the deductible, vignette sticker, road tax, airport tax, replacement car in case of technical failure, free cancellation, no later than 72 hours before the beginning of the pre-agreed period. When renting a car for two or more days, there is no limit to the allowable mileage. For one-day rent, the mileage is limited to 300 km, and each excess kilometer is paid at € 0.06.
  8. Against payment of an additional non-refundable fee for additional protection “Full coverage” at the beginning of the lease, the Lessee receives additional coverage for damages, coverage in case of theft, replacement car in a traffic accident, 24/7 Road Assistant in the Republic of Bulgaria, in compliance with these general conditions and the normative acts in the Republic of Bulgaria. Damage to the vehicle’s tires, chassis, interior and missing details are not covered.
  9. The rental price does not include fuel. The car is handed over and received with a full tank. If the Lessee returns the car with an uncharged tank, he pays a fee according to the current tariff.
  10. For delivery and return of the car outside working hours and on public holidays a fee is due according to the current tariff. Renting a car from a city with a Lucky Rent a Car office is free. For delivery to an address in the cities without offices of the Lessor, a fee is paid according to the current tariff.
  11. In case of any traffic accident, regardless of whether the Lessee is guilty or not, he must call and wait for the law enforcement authorities / tel. 112 / and get a report of the accident, as well as notify the Lessor immediately . Otherwise, the Lessee bears full material responsibility for the damages. In case of proven guilt, the Lessee owes a penalty equal to the rental price for the days of forced stay to repair the damage.
  12. The Lessee is obliged not to leave in the car keys, remotes, registration certificate and other accessories provided by the Lessor/ navigation, wireless internet device, etc./. with the theft.
  13. The renter is obliged to manage the rented car with the care of a good owner. The lessee is obliged to insure the car from encroachments by parking it only in a guarded parking lot or garage, with an alarm system and other available technical means of protection, taking all precautions.
  14. In case of damage, loss or theft of parts, elements, equipment, additional extras, damage to the interior of the car (upholstery, dashboard, seats, trunk trim, etc.) as a result of faulty behavior of the Lessee, as well as damage due to driving off the road, damage from improper refueling, damage from negligent management and control , damages from improper operation, the Lessee owes compensation in full until the damage is repaired, as well as additional fees in connection with the elimination of damages, incl. transportation of the car and a penalty equal to the rental price for the days of forced stay to repair the damage.
  15. In case of theft, the Lessee is obliged to return the documents and keys to the Lessor and to request an official note from the Police Department of the Ministry of Interior. Otherwise it bears full financial responsibility for the entire value of the car.
  16. The lessee is obliged to pay all fines and fees for improper parking and other violations of the Law on Public Procurement for the term of the contract.
  17. The car may leave the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria only with the explicit consent of the Lessor, expressed in a written power of attorney and after payment of the relevant fee specified in the current tariff of additional services of the Lessor. In case of unagreed departure from the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, the Lessee bears full responsibility for damages and a fee of € 500.
  18. When concluding a contract for car rental , the Lessee pay the agreed rental price for the car, in cash or by bank card, and deposit, the amount of whichin is blocking by credit card on the name of the Lessee. When returning the car, the deposit is refunded, deducting amounts due for damages, missing parts, uncharged fuel, etc. penalties under the contract, if any. The deposit is a guarantee and cannot be used for payment when extending the rental period. In case the deposit is blocked by credit card, the Lessee is obliged to assist in the absorption of the amounts due.
  19. If necessary, repairs are performed only in workshops approved by the Lessor.
  20. The cars offered on the site are examples, and the Lessor does not guarantee the delivery of the exact make and model of the car. The following features of the delivered car will be the same or higher than the reserved car: Class; Gearbox/manual or automatic/; Number of places; Luggage space; Number of doors;
  21. The lessee gives consent for his personal data to be used, according to art. 19 para 1 of LPPD, and the Lessor guarantees that he will not use the same for purposes other than those agreed upon.
  22. Disputes arising in connection with this contract shall be resolved by agreement between the parties or in accordance with the applicable Bulgarian legislation.

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