Rent a car in Sofia Airport

How to book a car hire from Sofia Airport

Renting a car at Sofia Airport is easier than you think. All you have to do is choose the convenient car for your trip and follow our intuitive booking system below.

In general, the process can be described in several steps:

  1. Visit our site page for rent a car from Sofia Airport;
  2. Choose a rental location: Sofia Airport;
  3. Enter the rental and return dates;
  4. You choose the most suitable car;
  5. Fill in your personal data;
  6. Send the request;

We would like to ask you to fill in your flight number when filling in the information about renting a car from Sofia Airport. This way you will help us to organize your meet and greet correctly and on time, which is good for everyone.

How will you get your booked car at Sofia Airport

When you arrive at the Airport in Sofia, our rent a car agent will be waiting for you with a sign with your names written on it. And to keep up with sustainable development trends, it is possible to use a tablet or phone instead of a paper sign. It is enough to look around in the arrivals hall of Terminal One or Terminal 2, depending on which terminal your flight will be in. We will do everything necessary for your unforgettable trip with a car rented from Sofia Airport by Lucky Rent A Car at the airport, and in just a few minutes.

Why choose rent a car in Sofia Airport?

Rent a car in Sofia Airport

When you live outside of Bulgaria and plan to visit Sofia, you will most likely do so by plane. And if you need a rent a car at Sofia Airport, we will deliver it to you completely free of charge and in perfect technical condition, with civil liability, paid tax and vignette, as well as everything you need for your trip. You just need to make sure you carry your driver’s license. Even if you want to return the car to an address in the city, the delivery to Sofia Airport will again be free of charge, as well as the return to the city.

Hireing a car from Sofia Airport gives your trip a great start by simply stepping off the plane, getting into the car and driving to your chosen destination. If you are afraid of driving in an unfamiliar city or you just want to fully enjoy your vacation, we at Lucky will provide you with the perfect car rental for the city of Sofia.

Sofia Airport is the largest passenger and cargo airport in Bulgaria. With its two terminals, the airport has the capacity to welcome and send off millions of passengers every year. Built at the beginning of the 20th century, Sofia Airport is constantly developing. In 2006, a second terminal was opened – comfortable, modern, with even more amenities for travelers and the possibility to rent a car at the terminal itself. The airport is located in close proximity to the city. Its connection with the capital is extremely convenient and diverse: bus, metro, car.

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